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~ It’s so Fun Step Round to Beat-Generation in Christmas ~ December 26, 2008

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I always excited if christmas comes. That’s a momment to visit some of my father/mother’s friend… yup give a cake or something for celebrate… have an interesting conversation because so long-long time no see. Mmm actualy i dont celebrate Christmas because i’m a moslem and also my father/mother but they have many friends who celebrate Chrismas.

Over the years, we always do christmas ritual..ya just like i’ve told before. For this ritual i have a fave person.. i call her tante Nyo. She is an old women whose a strong memory..she can remember almost all of her past even about my parents story. Last Christmas, she was in bad condition.. she just laid down on her bed.. looked so skiny and weak. But this Christmas.. she surprised me..hohohoho she looked so healthy.. sometimes she made a joke “now.. i can jump”..hehehe. Sometimes we asked wondered question “How come?? What medicine??” She just answerd that she have a faith that all of this just because God… Hehehe great!! For me.. she is so unique… she had been lived with netherland and chinese tradition (ya.. as we know that we were its Colony and chinese become her ancestor), sometimes i couldnt reach some word..but she told great story…made me burst-out. I hope next Christmas will meet her again altough early-next-year she will move to nursinghouse for the old people in Malang.

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!”


~ We Are Just A Medium In Undefind Time ~ December 17, 2008

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Freshly, i’ve read tante etak’s blog.(hoho actually he came to be called mbak etak.. but i feel closer with “tante” as her title). After i read her posting, a posting “Semoga Cukup Hari Ini” remember me a moment when i was in Jakarta a couple week ago. Ya.. sometimes we dont realise that we are a “medium”… a medium for everything around us who are choosen by Allah… and we are as a medium who are also choosen by Allah.

That moment happened after i went to soekarno-hatta airport to say goodbye with mamah Bul2 as i told on my last posting. Me and mamah ndut toke Damri from airport to gambir, i had to buy a morning train ticket for the next day destination “Yogyakarta”… hmm actually we were wondering that the reservation was still open because it was too late..whereas we were still on the way there. In Damri.. we were not sitting  side by side.. mamah ndut was sitting with an old women and i was sitting with a young man hohohoho just kidding that wasnt a big thing. Yup.. suddenly mamah ndut told me that the old woman beside her would go to purwokerto as soon as possible but she hadn’t bought a train ticket, then i had a short conversation with that old woman just to make sure bout her planning.. hehehe sometimes i got trouble to understand her dialect.. ya she came from palembang. From the conversation.. we knew that she came from palembang by her self..just bought a small handbag..unfamiliar about jakarta even about train schedule to purwokerto..went to purwokerto for her child who was place for staied that night if she didnt get ticket. Sometimes  i heard that someone called her and lead her about what she should do. In my mind.. i was disappointed “how come her family let her go alone.. palembang-purwokerto are not a short route”.

Finaly we arrived in Gambir.. i had just forgotten my plan to buy ticket in Senen station (as i knew that my train’s ticket just available there), we were in hurry to reach schedule board and reservation to look for jakarta-purwokerto route.. Hmm thanx God, there was a schedule for that route with the proper price with her budget whereas from the schedule board the price was overbudget for her (how come  the price was different in reservation??hehehe maybe i was loss of sight)..Yup finally,this old woman didnt need to stay somewhere that night. After we made sure about her.. we planned to go home, but i saw the reservation still open.. i was attracked to ask about my train for tomorrow… howahahaha yipppie…the ticket was available there. Yup we went home with satisfy feeling. Thanx God..

Yup something that i want to share with all of you is.. sometimes as a human we dont wanna be burden by someone else because we suppose that we cant help  (honestly.. i was people like this) but sometimes just doing something with the flow will invite a lot of miracle.. We are just a medium in undefind time.


~ 18 – 26 Nop Road to Jakarta-Jogja ~ December 1, 2008

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Wew… i luv this tour. Actually this tour wasnt for fun or for spend my leisure time, this tour was for attending a series test of company recruitment.. hmm but i feel so fun… really2 fun. My first destination was jakarta, i wasnt going by my self.. my friend, riris (daughter from my first wife ini drama keluarga), had a same direction with me.. so both of us was venturing togather in jakarta. Hihihi.. she just liked my guide there, coz i had trouble with direction in unfamiliar city… even i had been made clear of that by her.. it didnt work at all.. hahaha what a poor me!!

In jakarta.. for indosat recruitment actually we had to go to UI-Depok, coz the test was held there. Our train arrived in jakarta at 7.30.. then we went to our friend’s place (mamah ndut’s place) to drop our luggage, actually just my luggage… a lot of clothing inside, so i just took a pair of shirt for test and clothing then we went ahead to depok. In Depok we staied at afi’s house, riris’s friend, she also helped us for the direction to UI-Depok… hehe again n again that worked just for riris. First, i thought that the test would be held just a day.. hmmm unfortunately the test was held in 3 days with the elimination system each day to continue to the next day. The announcement was announced at 5.00, alhamdulillah my name was written there so i could go ahead to the second day. That was a good news but i hadnt prepared shirt for the next day.. “oh no.. just brought a pair and i dropped others “exessive luggage” in jakarta”. It was a shame for me.. and riris always teased me about that… haha and you know, i borrowed riris’s shirt for the next day.. hoho what a proper color for me.. “if u dont mind giving that shirt for me pleaseee”.. i feel so lucky with that shirt because i passed that day and continued to the third day for interview, sound better if i called psychological interview.. coz the interviewer brought the result of my psychological test from the second day test and asked me a lot of thing about my self about my progress as a person who passed a lot of thing. Honestly, before i attended the interview .. i was so nervous.. because i knew that it would explore my personality… and i really2 feel worried with my psychological test. Oh..ya.. i went to Depok by economy train, they called KRL (Kereta Listrik), with Rp 1500 i could go jakarta-Depok.. wew so chip.. nevertheless we had to watch out with people around us because there was a lot of people inside the train till we couldnt move freely. I was become the last candidate for interview… hohoho the room just like my own stage… i hope i was become the last candidate who impress the interviewer with my great answear.. Aminnn ^_^. About 30 minutes later interview was finish.. and i went to UI station by ojek… hmm i feel so lucky coz there was a lot of free seat in KRL. The planning for that day was going to gambir and Soekarno-Hatta airport… Gambir was a place to say good bye with Riris, she get a job in Bandung..somewhere outhere from me (hiks.. that was dissatisfied farewell… i hope we’ll see again soon)..then in hurry went to airport… for say good bye with mamah bul2, my friend, she have a trip to finland… hahaha what a lucky girl!! Hmmm…that looked like a long route ya??.. but Dita and me still had a long journey to buy Jogja ticket in gambir and (more..if u dont feel bored)