..sit..turn on my lapie..push down the keyboard..this mind and feeling lead me..

Dreampocket.. December 14, 2008

Here we come in my Dreampocket!! Yup my place for dreamin’.. i can get everything here. If i really had doraemon.. i will get all of things from his pocket… but unfortunatelly i havent meet him yet hahaha.

Ya.. this pocket was made by mydesire..  throw away my capability!! I hope.. with read this pocket i will realise that i have a lot of thing to reach.. alert me that i am just a small creature and i have the Almighty God Allah SWT who can give me everything. I just can dreamin’.. try to make an endeavor.. but God just can say “Kun Fayakun” to make my dream happend.

This pocket is not only consist stuff but also everything that i can dream.

Graphic Tablet
Wacom is a wellknown brand for graphic tablet.

I missed this toy… but why my mother hasnt been allow me to buy this one..hiks..

This gadget make me crazy which i am fallin in love with..


2 Responses to “Dreampocket..”

  1. novita Says:

    oi oi did u know d’cheapest blackberry series? sony ericsson G700, huhuhu love it n hope someday i can catch my dream… hahaha but now.. that goody have been out out production n_n

    whaaaaaaaatz… yoyo? hahahahaha remain me to our kids woody yoyo time…

  2. novita Says:

    those gadgets make me “mabok” blub blub blub…

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