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~ Hmm I Really Do Love Talk-Head-Off ~ March 8, 2009

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chit chat

chit chat

I think i’m not a good speaker in some situation like forum or somethin like that. I also not a good listener, but i always unintentionally hear a lot of things… hehehe how poor me :(.Hahaha dont know why suddenly i wrote the sentence before. Actually..My weekend conversation was a trigger for me to realize that i really do love have a chit chat. It make me come back to the past…

When i was in elementary, i wasnt noisy child in class.. so i’m not sure that i had interest in chit chat

When i was in junior high school, i also wasnt noisy child in class..but i started to have a long conversation through the phone..hahaha the phone billing was scarry me..

When i was in senior high school, again n again i wasnt noisy child in class..heheeh but i had a lot of quiet conversation with my friend in class (start to break the rule behind the teacher)…but i am really2 a phone addict..hahaha horrible addict.. (1 hour..2 hour..3 hour…)

When i was in university, hahaha still the same person like before. In early semester just through long conversation with my close friend in home..other comfort place for chit chat. Then in last semester i was a quite phone addict.. hahaha but not as horrible as in my senior high school.. just infrequently call but so long conversation (talk-head-off… more than 5 hours conversation was my record). My final project share time with my advisor was also chit chat time about something out of my FP which is so interesting.. hohoho i miss my advisor (mami Titiek).

The summary is.. i am so quiet person… BUT dont SIT beside or close to me!! You can find my self as an addict…hahaha… happy conversation…happy chatting…happy sharing…without coffee and smoke please!! 🙂