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~ Yippie I am 23 ~ January 29, 2009

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Yippiee… now  i am 23!! Am i good enough now?? Hmm.. i hope so… i always hope that i will b270120090051ecome a better person… even now =p. Thanx to Allah who have been giving a lot of media to remind me, shalat!! read the holly quran!! read tafsir!! doing dzikir (wondering how much fault that we’ve done). Istiqomah on His way…”nothing is impossible”, i’tibar on every incident.. “there are no accident”.

I am so satisfied with His destiny for me in 23 in order to improve my everything. There are no excuse to complain (hehehe horay i am going steady). A lot of things happened to me and a lot of things became chapter of a lesson, there are no pleonastic things.

GOD never burdens a soul beyond its means: to its credit is what it earns, and against it is what it commits. “Our Lord, do not condemn us if we forget or make mistakes.  Our Lord, and protect us from blaspheming against You, like those before us have done. Our Lord, protect us from sinning until it becomes too late for us to repent.  Pardon us and forgive us. You are our Lord and Master. Grant us victory over the disbelieving people.” [2:286]

Special thanx to my lovely people who gave me some great pray-message on that night.. huhuhuhu you made me so touchy.. all of you really know what i endeavor for, and also for ridiculous way to leave a strange package outside =p.. Hmm i really2 do love you so much. Thank you =).


5 Responses to “~ Yippie I am 23 ~”

  1. niken Says:

    wahhh,, happy b’day ya..
    whatever you wish,
    I hope that is the best for you 🙂

    wanna eat your cake :p

  2. adiwenatb Says:

    @ niken: hohohoho thnx ken 🙂 Aminn aminn..
    Btw, i dont mind giving my cake for u.. but let me know how i could take my cake for you *deep thinking mode on :p

  3. maz yayan Says:

    Slamat ulang tahun yaaaa…..
    maaf baru tau….
    Ternyata kmu ultah januari juga…coba aku tau ultahmu…
    pasti juga ttp aja aku ga tau. lha wong barusan tau.

  4. wong gendhenk Says:

    Baru ultah yak?Udah umur 23???makin tuwir dunk…
    bTw,gmbar di sampingnya itu kue apa malam c ?klo malam jgn coba2 dimakan lho,tar biz makan berubah jd siang…dan sebaliknya…*alahhh…ngemeng epe,maklum wong gendhenk*

  5. adiwenatb Says:

    @ wong gendhenk: Weitss.. maybe next time put a better name ya… =p. Hmmm if u ask me about the cake… i’ll ask u back…

    Thanx for ur coming!!

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