..sit..turn on my lapie..push down the keyboard..this mind and feeling lead me..

~ The day is 6 hours earlier than my day ~ January 10, 2009

Filed under: ..Message From Life.. — adiwenatb @ 9:37 am

My day drastically change, when people wake up it’s my time to sleep.. “what a strange life!!” In a general way, people feel so excited with the activity under the sunshine..under the noisess. But now i find something, in the dark sky.. quite night, something that someday will harder to reach. I call it “A simple life” it gives a lot of thankfulnes, just like use horse glasses.. everything is pointed to the same end.. the almighty one. Eventhough, now i am on my way to get the 6 hours back so that the day and my day begin in the same start again.. i realise that it’s my time to get out from my lovely own world and face all that noisess..and sunshine with the expectation “i’ll find another simple life there”.


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