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~ Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act ~ January 4, 2009

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tobaco hazard

As usual… today i checked my e-mail inbox. Hehehe… cliked the browser and then type,, ya… that ‘s my habitual activity when connect internet meanwhile my messenger automatically login. Actually, these email has its classification.. for fun or for the important case.

AIA NTUST-Taiwan is one of association which still send me recent information about any policy or something “happening” there to my e-mail altough i havent had any business with this university since a couple month ago. For today, i got interesting subject in my inbox from AIA… “Banned Smoking”, a warning for the smoker… apply in all work place and public place. I realy appreciate this kind of policy there, it means that goverment begins to concern about public interest. I dont know yet whether in Indonesia that kind of policy has already been published. .. but today i read in newspaper that MUI will publish instruction (fatwa red.) whether  smoke  is halal or haram. Wew beware!!


One Response to “~ Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act ~”

  1. niken Says:

    beneran loh,, sejak tgl 11 januari ini kampus bebas rokok, juga tempat2 umum, kapan ya Indonesia bisa seperti ini??

    liat blogku, ada award buatmu!!

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