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~ A New Year 1430 H/2009 greetings for God ~ December 31, 2008

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Dear God,

It’s a new year, several hours ago were year end. The ending and the beginning of something are so close with personal contemplation, because of that i am sure why these terminology (ending/beginning red.) are exist and have a deep meaning in common. Also for year end and new year, i reach that you sign me a lot of things… “year end” sign me that you’ve given me a strong foundation to move… “new year” sign me that you’ll give me a lot of chance. If i play again my last year video of life… i was nothing without you God… thank you so much you’ve accompanied me with unbeatable faith inside. I wish that i’ve given my best, i’ve showed  you a lot of improvement… then now you smile on me ~..yipppiiiiieeee!!!~. This year… a new year, i promise to you that i’ll show you that last year will really2 become a great foundation for my next step… i’ll show you the better one God.. and i’ll make u give me a big2 smile for the ending. You know God, i am so happy with my package of life… dont let me lost all of them. I look forward to getting  miracle message “impossible is impossible” from you soon.

Finally.. i wanna say.. Happy New Year 2009 for u God and for all people that always have unbeatable faith of you.

with unbeatable faith,

~ ME~


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